inspired by L.I.F.E. Development by Dr. Jermone Glenn



If you go on Instagram right now, you’ll probably see one of the following hashtags: #SquadGoals, #RelationshipGoals, or #LifeGoals. It’s a fun thing that people place as a caption under a photo of something they wish to have. It’s clever, but it rarely gives any insight into what the goal is. You can see a man and woman in matching t-shirts and see the hashtag: #RelationshipGoals, but what do matching t-shirts say about the status of a relationship? Even if it’s a good relationship, we still don’t know all the behind the scenes work it took to make those goals a reality. Real goals require depth and work to succeed.

Think about some of the things you wish to accomplish. Is anything holding you back? Are you having issues getting started or sticking to it? Before you begin any goals, they must start with a foundation. All goals need a spiritual foundation to go anywhere. What areas of prayer would you like to see improved (giving more time in the morning or at night)? What kind of time would you like to dedicate to reading and meditation everyday? What about fasting? This kind of foundation sets the stage for everything else that will flow out of you.

Next, know what you want any why. This gives you a clear focus and shines a light on your motives. It doesn’t just give you the “what,” but it also gives you the purpose behind it. It gives you something to work for and you work harder towards it.

It’s time to get started! As you begin to formulate your goals, remember to do the following:

  • Commit 15 minutes a day to work on you.
  • Commit to the task and follow through.
  • Find accountability.
  • See your goals come to past.

Put it in Action: What are three things you would do if you could not fail?

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