Growing Into Your New Skin

“And no one after drinking old win desires new, for he says, “The old is good.”   Luke 5:39  

When you are ‘intoxicated’ with what’s old there is no convincing you the ‘new’ is better because the ‘new’ isn’t familiar.  The new requires faith, while the old is your problematic comfort zone.  Old principles keep you where you are, but new principles get you where you need to be.  See the difference?

Remember, this isn’t about opportunities; this is about information, ideas, and intellect, which, will create new opportunities.

There is a temptation to apply this message to what you want to do, without realizing that, if you don’t change, you will only create what you can’t sustain.  Do the internal work and the external will flow from it. Don’t use old containers to fill with new ideas and don’t be in a hurry because it takes at least 21 days to break, or create, a habit, but you can decide to change your mind in a moment.  Create new behaviors that compliment the new mindset so you have something to pour into.

Slowly, but surely you’ll realize that those new behaviors will morph into your new normal and as the days go by, those old behaviors won’t have as much power.  Eventually, they become weakened and begin to evaporate; only rekindled if we, giving in to their temptations, refuel them.  It’s a process, but you can do it!  It all begins with a moment—a moment of decision—a direction-shifting decision that will assuredly catapult you into your greatest self.


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