One timeless inquiry that many of us have, do, or will eventually face is, ‘Why was I born?’ We can’t help but wonder why God decided to allow our parents to unite, causing us to be brought to Earth. We spend a lot of time on the quest for an answer—answer(s) for that matter. Truth is, there is much to be said about purpose and destiny, but often, there is little to be said about identity. I want to share a secret: purpose and destiny is discovered in identity. If you ever want to know about your purpose and path then you must look at who you currently are, realizing that who you are (and likely who you’ve been), is found in the foundation of who you were created to become.

Identity is defined as ‘being the same in various conditions or circumstances.’ When we don’t know who we are we quickly sell out to God’s original thought of us, but rather, become a chameleon for causes; changing colors whenever the cause calls for it.

In order to defeat the sell-out-syndrome we must begin the journey towards purpose by asking some questions. Not just any questions, though—the right questions to the right source, which will yield the right answers. Who better than the God who created you and etched your DNA and assignment into every chromosome in your body?

Insert Genesis 1:26-28 (MSG). “God spoke: Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature… He created them male and female.”

There we find the master-designer, God, strategically crafting us; giving us a distinctive design with an intentional set of functions. He is incredibly complete when He creates. If you want to know the purpose of a thing you do not ask the creation or the created you ask the creator. The creator always gives definition to the necessity of its creation.

While you’re actively listening to God and waiting for Him to unveil who you are, there is some work YOU have to do. You have to step outside of yourself to look inside yourself and discover what’s in there—you must take inventory.

Who am I? What do I have? What do I know? Where have I been? How will I use these tools in what I do to catapult me? These are all questions that ‘Identity’ begs to be answered.   Taking inventory of ones life is detrimental in order to answer these imperative life-questions and discover our God-breathed identities. My inventory-of-self contains lessons from my experiences, which help shape or make up who I am…. and then I ‘do life’ out of who I am.

Key is, learning to rethink how we see ourselves by realigning our thoughts with God’s view of us. It’s not always easy, but it’s necessary. We often confuse identity with the myth of ‘individuality,’ which says: the more individualistic and ‘different’ we are [from everyone else] denotes how sound we are in our own identities. Truth is, real identity is always connected to something deeper and greater. We live in the day and age when people are willing to abandon God’s original idea of them in order to comfortably convenience our culture. That will never fare well.

Do know: You are not your mistakes. They are just tools that have been used to strengthen you and teach you valuable lessons. You are not your failures. They are just events that made you smarter. You are not your past. It just prepared you for your present.

You have to redefine what happened to you and understand it’s working for you. That begins with taking inventory of your life and all the lessons its taught you and being willing to use those lessons to create out of that space and ultimately reveal the brilliance behind God’s necessary and original design that is YOU!

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