Would You Choose You?

Faithfulness: Would You Choose You?

from current summer series, Character of the King


What are some things you require in another person to be faithful to you?

Imagine for a minute that your relationship with God was reversed. What if you were trying to pursue a relationship with yourself? Think back to what your relationship with God was like just this past week. Think about it. Was it consistent? Did you do everything you said you would do? How much time did you spend together?

Now imagine pursuing someone for a relationship and they say they want to dedicate their life to you, but they live like you don’t exist. They may brag about the two of you on social media, but thats about as far as it goes. They don’t return your phone calls. They don’t talk to you, except maybe a brief small talk of surface level conversation, and even then they’re probably just asking you for something that you’ll be lucky to get a thank you for.

It sounds harsh, but this is something that God deals with on a daily basis. Often, we want people to be loyal to us, but we seldom analyze our own faithfulness. Faithfulness requires consistency. It requires us to be who we say we are even when other people don’t. If your faithfulness could use a boost, start with the following:

  • Say good morning when you wake up: When you wake up, speak to your Father in the morning. Families say good morning when they wake up to greet each other. Seek direction for the week, thank Him for the new day with new opportunities, and just enjoy His presence.
  • Never go to bed angry: Whether its with God or with other people, talk candidly and respectfully about your issues with God. He already knows how you feel, so nothing you say will surprise Him. He wants you to come to Him. He has the wisdom to help you solve it and it helps build relationship.
  • Spend some quality time together: Being with God doesn’t always have to be serious. Just like you go out and just talk or spend time with someone else, you can do that with Him. Just talk about your day, go on a walk, sit by the water, and invite Him to join you. Be open to what He may try and speak to you.

Put it in Action: Remember the first question I asked: What are some things you require in another person to be faithful to you? Now, do you show this same faithfulness to God and others?

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  1. This is a great reflective post. Very persecption shattering when you put the focus on personal faithfullness. Thank you for this post! Now I am aware of some habits that can in inhibit growth.

    Keep on leading people to the truth PG! Grace & peace. <3

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