You Got This

Should I just give up? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself that multiple times. I know I have. It’s an interesting blow to yourself and your ego when it happens. You get an instruction from God and you may be hesitant at first, but eventually you give in and you decide to follow in obedience. Everything is going well when an unexpected turn happens. Someone sabotages the plan. You lose resources. Something devastating distracts you and takes you off course.  Things get difficult. What happened? You did everything right. Were you wrong? Should you just give up?

King David experienced a similar situation. He was anointed king and he was obedient to God, respectful to those around him, and patiently waited until he was placed on the throne rather than take it. Everything was going well when enemies came to invade their land, steal their belongings, and kidnap their women and children. The men returned to see all their things taken.  Those who followed David were angry with him and wanted to kill him. He was in a predicament and none of it was his own fault. David had two options. He could give up or he could fight back to restore what he’d lost.

8 David inquired of the Lord, “Shall I pursue this raiding party? Will I overtake them?” “Pursue them,” he answered. “You will certainly overtake them and succeed in the rescue.”

David consulted the Lord for an answer and he told him to go because he would be successful. We can easily get discouraged into giving up on something, especially when we’ve done everything we’re supposed to do and something still goes wrong. We can choose to give up or take a lesson from David:

  1. Inquire of the Lord. So many times prayer is our last resort rather than our first instinct. When faced with difficulty, God should be our first lifeline. He is all-knowing. He knows what’s going to happen and He alone can give you insight into your situation.
  2. Shall I pursue? It’s easy to go into prayer and pour out our feelings and resentments towards whatever is going on with us. God has an ear for us to be able to share our heart’s emotions to Him, but when that’s all said and done, we can ask Him for direction. Ask Him what He wants you to do. Shall you continue?
  3. Will I overtake? Ask the outcome. We can ask God what the outcome will be in our situation. What will happen after you follow the instruction.
  4. You will certainly…succeed. Wait for an answer. God will let you know how to succeed. Sometimes success isn’t how we see success. And if it isn’t, ask God to show you how to see the success in it. After you’re done talking, this step requires you to sit in silence and listen to His response.

It’s never fun when our lives take an unexpected blow. A lot of times, we see the destination without seeing the path that it takes to get there. It won’t always be easy, but if you take your issues to God, He will help you and you will succeed.



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