Your Spiritual DNA

“That dream in your heart contains your spiritual “DNA,” the very blueprint for who you are. It keeps coming back to your mind because it is part of who you are; it will never leave you alone. I don’t believe that there is a man or woman without a dream, because God designed every member of the human race to have dreams. Your dream did not even originate with you. It resides within you, but God put it there.”

Has God placed something in your heart that seems like it’s too big for you to accomplish? Has the thought of achieving that goal scared you at all?  Don’t worry. That’s a normal feeling. God given dreams will always be something that cannot be achieved without him. If it’s something that you think is super easy to accomplish, it may not be sent from God. He wants us to achieve big things and only God can give us the power to do so. Your dream could be ministry, starting a business, writing a book, or a number of other things. He will give you the power to carry it out. Whatever it is, here are a few things to remember when pursuing that God given dream:

DISTINGUISH IT. This should be an obvious one, but know your dream. Your dream is something that you should be able to articulate. A God given dream will stay in your soul and won’t go away. If you’re not sure, spend some time alone with God and pray about it. It will come to you.

DEFEND IT. Once you realize your dream, it will be like your baby. Protect it like so. Remember in Genesis how Joseph told his brothers about his dream and they hated him all the more for it? Even his father rebuked him for it. Understand that not everyone is meant to hear your dream or be a part of it. It’s sad, but true. Joseph’s own siblings were his haters, so don’t be surprised if some people that are close to you become your haters too. Only you can protect your dream.

DEVELOP IT. A God-given dream will take a lot of development. Some of this will require you to work towards perfecting your craft, but understand that God will likely take you through some trials to develop your character. Joseph was sold into slavery AND thrown in jail and he didn’t see his dream come true until 22 years later. God dreams take extraordinary preparation, so don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than you expected.

DO IT. That’s it. You’ll know when the time is right. Serve others with your dream!

“Don’t dream on a budget. Dream without limitations. Dream as if money was no object.”

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